Pubdate: Sun, 22 Oct 2000
Source: San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)
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Author: Gary Gall
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Martin Sheen (The Tribune, Oct. 21) would have done well to have watched 
the PBS documentary on our failed drug war policies (Dan Walters Tribune 
10/21) before going to bat for the incarceration industry. I have worked in 
a jail before I can tell you, being locked-up with thieves and violent 
thugs is not the best way to improve yourself.

As for myself, I have been sober for 22 years now. Alcohol was my drug. It 
impaired my ability to make good judgements and made me feel sick and 
tired. AA helped me get through my first couple of years of sobriety and 
now I'm free of my alcohol addiction.

A friend of mine recently passed his six-month mark of being clean of pain 
killers (after three years of daily use). He too, got sick and tired of 
being sick and tired and through his health insurance went into a 
outpatient program as well as attended NA meetings. He is a happy guy today 
and doing very well.

Both of us have this in common: Our drugs of choice are legal AND we are 
not using them. Since we could get what we wanted legally we never dipped 
into the drug war underworld of dealers, narcs and snitches. We stayed 
"connected" to the non-criminal world.

Drugs are bad. The drug war is worse! Vote YES on 36!

Tom Reilly, San Luis Obispo
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