Pubdate: Thu, 19 Oct 2000
Source: Anchorage Daily News (AK)
Copyright: 2000 The Anchorage Daily News
Author: Rondi Aldridge


With the upcoming Nov. 7 election, there needs to be strong support
for Proposition 5, the hemp initiative. Many people believe in this
issue, but don't feel free to be vocal about their support. I often
question why anyone would even consider not supporting such a
well-deserved initiative. An amazing amount of hours have been put in
by many hard-working Alaskans because of their belief in this subject.

Some might say this is a huge controversy. A controversy? What, if
any, controversy does this bill make? When comparing hemp to alcohol,
I've found that no person that I know has had negative effects from
hemp. Hemp helps many people cope with medical conditions and eases
their pain. I would hope that any of you with compassion would
consider what positive possibilities the passing of this bill will

Honestly consider both the positive and negative outcomes of this bill
and you will soon find that the positive effects will by far outweigh
the very few, if any, negative effects it may cause.

Rondi Aldridge,
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