Pubdate: Fri, 29 Sep 2000
Source: Daily Press, The (CN ON)
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Author: James Thorn
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Drug-Related Magazines Have No Place In Schools, Nor The Shelves Of 
Convenience Stores.

Two such magazines were seized from a student at R. Ross Beattie School in 
January by a teacher and turned over to Principle Mickey Pirie.

"(The magazines) don't belong in any school and they certainly won't be 
(allowed) in our school," Pirie said. Pirie contacted the Timmins Police 
Service who have spent almost nine months investigating the magazines.

The investigation, which is nearing completion, has revealed the magazines 
were purchased at a local convenience store.

The magazines which depict the use, purchase and production of marijuana 
are crime comics by definition, said Const. Joe Romualdi, of the drug unit.

"To sell or distribute the magazines is illegal," said Romualdi. "(We're) 
bringing it to the attention of store owners. If they continue to bring it 
in, they will be dealt with. But I don't anticipate any problems."

The magazines were aimed at teenagers, Romualdi said, because they were 
displayed among the magazines predominately read by teenagers.

The next step in the investigation is to eradicate the magazines from the 
local convenience stores.

The seizure will be voluntary at first but can involve criminal charges if 
need be, said Romualdi.

Romualdi told The Daily Press he has already received a call from one of 
the major convenience store chains in the city who told him they would not 
have any such material on their shelves.

Romualdi asked parents to monitor what their children are reading because 
these types of magazines are available, even if parents aren't aware of it. 
Pirie said before the incident took place, he "didn't know these kinds of 
magazines even existed."
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