Pubdate: Wed, 18 Oct 2000
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Ltd,2000
Author: Don Barnard


I hope the. "joint confession" of the eight Tory top guns will make it much 
easier for other politicians to come out and 'just say no' to the costly 
and ineffective war on cannabis.

It also confirms what pro-cannabis campaigners have been saying for years: 
Cannabis smokers can be found in every section of society and are often 
inspired, industrious  individuals, certainly not dangerous, and it's time 
we stopped treating good people as criminals.

Tory leader William Hague says he is going to ask the 'drug action this' 
and 'anti-drug that' organisations (the very people whose jobs depend on 
cannabis being illegal) whether we should legalise cannabis!

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy wants another Royal Commission and 
Prime Minister Tony Blair is remarkably quiet.

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance and associated organisations would like to 
further the debate.  We propose  a series of conferences or seminars on 
cannabis and human rights.  We will invite local Press, headteachers, 
police, solicitors, local authority drug workers (drug action teams, social 
workers etc;) trade unions and, of course,  the general public.

Don Barnard, Legalise Cannabis Alliance, PO BOX 198 NORWICH NR2 2DH.
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