Pubdate: Mon, 16 Oct 2000
Source: Daily Mail (UK)
Copyright: 2000 Associated Newspapers Ltd
Author: R. Williams


Further to the comments by Mary Wilkinson regarding cannabis use by 
disabled people (Mail), I'm a disabled person who occasionally uses 
cannabis to relieve pain.

My first thoughts on hearing Anne Widdicombe's statement about fining 
people for possession of any amount of cannabis was: "I hope she has a lot 
of wheelchair-accessible prisons."

She would need them for all the disabled people who take cannabis for 
therapeutic reasons and who could not pay a $100 fine for possession.

If I were arrested for possession of one joint, I would be prepared to go 
to prison, I do not consider myself to be a drug addict.  I am a patient 
taking a therapeutic remedy that works.

I pray that Ms Widdicombe never finds herself in a position in which she 
would benefit by taking this drug in order to relieve life-long pain.

R. Williams, London SW6
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