Pubdate: March 2000
Source: Liberty Magazine (US)
Copyright: 2000 Liberty Foundation
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Author: Myron Von Hollingsworth


I hope it won't be much longer before the truth of the drug war becomes as
obvious to the public at large and the media (including your publication) as
it has to me. There is no profit in an end to the drug war. In short, the
alternative to prohibition --legalization -- will not produce the profits
that the drug war does for its proponents. The drug war's proponents have
never listed victory as an objective.

Presidential and politicians' boasts of "Drug free by the year 2005" or
"2007" etc. are laughable.

The same was boasted by past presidents and politicians about 1980, 1985 and
1990 etc. ad nauseam. The true (and hidden) objective is that it is
imperative that the drug war must never be won. In that way it perpetuates
itself and all the revenue it produces.

Prohibition can never succeed.

In over one hundred years, prohibition has never even come close to

Our law enforcement institutions and even our very economies are now
addicted -- financially -- to the war on drugs.

For this reason two conditions will always exist with prohibition. They are
contradictory yet interdependent: 1. Prohibition can't work.  2. The war on
drugs must never end.

Myron Von Hollingsworth,  Fort Worth, Tex.
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