Pubdate: Sun, 08 Oct 2000
Source: Fresno Bee, The (CA)
Copyright: 2000 The Fresno Bee
Note: This series also ran in the Modesto Bee  and the
Sacramento Bee  A Special Report by the McClatchy
Company's California Newspapers with a special website:

First, thank you to Jo-D for the many hours spent newshawking and posting 
this huge multi-part series.

In a note called "To Our Readers" the editors of the series wrote: Unlike 
previous drug scourges, the meth epidemic is uniquely American in origin. 
Alarmingly, as a team of Bee reporters from Modesto, Fresno and Sacramento 
document in today's special 18-page section, "A Madness Called Meth," 
California's great Central Valley is meth's principal breeding ground and 
the place where the bulk of its victims live.

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Chapter 1: The Family Who Cranks Together

Chapter 2: Uncle Fester

Chapter 3: Father Time

Chapter 4: Beavis, Butt-Head And The Making Of Meth

Chapter 5: Meth And The Drug Lords

Chapter 5b: Walking A Fine Line

Chapter 6: The Spiders

Chapter 6b: From Small-Time Dealer To Big Time Cook

Chapter 7: Users, The Stories Of Three Meth Addicts

Chapter 8: Suffer The Children

Chapter 8b: The Struggle Of A Father And Daughter

Chapter 9: The Pit In The Barn

Chapter 9b: A Homestead In Ruins

Chapter 10: How Clean Is Clean?

Chapter 11: Congress And The Pill Makers

Chapter 12: Squeezing The Balloon

Chapter 12b: "Life Or Meth?"

Chapter 13: The Bust, Agents And A Dealer Square Off

Chapter 14: Getting Straight

Chapter 14b: "This Keeps Us Clean"

Chapter 14c: Iowa'S Rainbow Recovery Center

Chapter 15: Nicki's Road


A Madness Called Meth, Editorial

A Madness Called Meth, To Our Readers
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