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A Madness Called Meth: PROLOGUE


The little girl is 4 and wise beyond her years.

She tugs on the woman's bullet-proof vest. "I know what you came for," she 

Down the hallway in her mother's bedroom, she opens the top drawer of a 
bureau to display baggies of methamphetamine, scales, homemade pipes used 
to smoke the drug, and account books that document sales.

She describes in detail how her mother had smoked a pipe of crank that 
morning and explains that she'd been sleeping with her mommy for several 
days because the dog had pooped in her bed and nobody had bothered to clean 
it up.

"People come to visit Mommy, and they bring money. It's green, and it has a 
two and a zero," she says. "She gives them little baggies with white stuff."

Then the little girl with the long, brown ponytail and cherubic smile goes 
off with a social worker to McDonald's for a Happy Meal, before heading to 
the hospital for a complete physical.

Eventually, she will live the rest of her childhood with strangers. Her 
mother will end up in jail. Or dead.



Chapter 1: The Family Who Cranks Together

Chapter 2: Uncle Fester

Chapter 3: Father Time

Chapter 4: Beavis, Butt-Head And The Making Of Meth

Chapter 5: Meth And The Drug Lords

Chapter 5b: Walking A Fine Line

Chapter 6: The Spiders

Chapter 6b: From Small-Time Dealer To Big Time Cook

Chapter 7: Users, The Stories Of Three Meth Addicts

Chapter 8: Suffer The Children

Chapter 8b: The Struggle Of A Father And Daughter

Chapter 9: The Pit In The Barn

Chapter 9b: A Homestead In Ruins

Chapter 10: How Clean Is Clean?

Chapter 11: Congress And The Pill Makers

Chapter 12: Squeezing The Balloon

Chapter 12b: "Life Or Meth?"

Chapter 13: The Bust, Agents And A Dealer Square Off

Chapter 14: Getting Straight

Chapter 14b: "This Keeps Us Clean"

Chapter 14c: Iowa'S Rainbow Recovery Center

Chapter 15: Nicki's Road



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