Pubdate: Sat, 07 Oct 2000
Source: Independent  (UK)
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Author: Andrew Coldwell


It's almost a year to the day that my wife, Diana Coldwell, got a standing
ovation at the Labour Party conference when she called for the legalisation
of cannabis for therapeutic use.  Is the Labour party listening to its
members and the general public? I think not. Ill people cannot be
persecuted, prosecuted and dragged through the courts.

Surely there must be some sound evidence of the therapeutic benefit,
otherwise how can the Home Office justify approval for trials on cannabis?
Whilst I welcome the Home Office approval, it could be many years before a
safer delivery system is developed.  In the meantime, the Government
continues tacitly to endorse the prosecution of ill and dying people.  such
twisted logic beggars belief.

Andrew Coldwell, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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