Pubdate: Tue, 01 Feb 2000
Source: Eagle-Tribune, The (MA)
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Author: Jason  B. Grosky, Eagle-Tribune Writer


HAVERHILL - Investigators have made another break in the city's drug
connection to Maine, seizing 95 bags of heroin from an out-of-state dealer,
police said.

William Robert Clark, 21, of Portland, Maine, was ordered held yesterday on
$15,000 cash bail at his arraignment in Haverhill District Court. He is at
the Middleton jail.

Police were called by witnesses who reported Mr. Clark got on a pay phone
at the Sunoco gas station near Interstate 495, and appeared to behave in a
"suspicious" manner.

When Officer Paul R. Malone tried to talk to Mr. Clark and get him to leave
his car, he began acting belligerent, police said. As he stepped out of the
car, Mr. Clark punched Officer Malone, police said.

A scuffle followed and 10 bags of heroin fell out of Mr. Clark's shoe, Sgt.
Stephen M. Brighi said.

"They just spilled out," he said.

Other officers arrived and Mr. Clark was arrested and taken to the

police station. During a search police found 85 more small bags of

heroin in Mr. Clark's clothing.

In total, the heroin is worth about $1,000 on the streets, police said.

Mr. Clark is charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute,
assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and possession of
heroin. He was arrested Sunday at 10:50 p.m. Police said Mr. Clark is a
heroin dealer and user.

His arrest comes days after police said they are seeing increased
connections between Maine, Haverhill and Lawrence. Police Capt. Donald E.
Thompson said Haverhill is popular because it's the first big city Maine
buyers hit when come down Interstates 95 and 495.

A popular spot is the Westgate Plaza area because it is next to the
highway. A Maine buyer stops off and uses a pay phone to contact his drug
contacts in Haverhill and Lawrence. Then they decide on a meeting place for
the drug sale.

In a drug raid last week at 79 Beach St., police found a gun reported
stolen in Maine. Police said stolen guns are often used in trade for drugs.

Police have made other arrests in the Westgate area, arresting New

Hampshire and Maine residents on drug charges.

Capt. Thompson said patrolling officers are now on the lookout for

suspicious looking cars making brief stops in the city.

"They're watching for the Maine (license) plates," he said.

Once a Maine buyer makes contact with a dealer, the dealer tries different
avenues to make sure he does not get caught.

"These people start calling everyone back and forth on their cell phones,"
Capt. Thompson said. "They could change the meeting location two or three
times to make sure they're not being followed."
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