Pubdate: Tue, 26 Sep 2000
Source: Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
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Author: Tony Trimingham


Parents of young people who die from heroin overdoses have three burdens to 

First, they face the most unnatural grief of having their children 
predecease them. Then they suffer the knowledge that these deaths were 
preventable. Nobody need ever die from heroin injection. My son's 
post-mortem showed that he was totally healthy - not a thing wrong with any 
of his internal organs.

We also suffer the stigma of knowing that they die as criminals in the eyes 
of the law and most of our society.

With the latest edict from the Vatican, we find another burden being 
imposed - that of cooperation with "grave evil" (Herald, September 23). 
Presumably this means that my son - a confirmed Catholic - died in a state 
of sin.

It also means that those parents fighting to keep their loved ones alive by 
encouraging safe use, clean needles and supervision are also guilty of sin.

Jesus was a man who was totally in touch with the social problems of his 
time - he did not condemn or issue edicts, his work was with the 
marginalised - his church is showing once again how out of touch it is with 
his teachings and the drugs issue particularly.

Tony Trimingham, Family Drug Support, Willoughby September 23.
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