Pubdate: Wed, 27 Sep 2000
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
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Author: Samantha Walsh, Toronto


Re Canadians outraged by Lamaze, Sept. 20. This article claims that public
anger was "stirred up" by the decision to lift the lifetime ban that the
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport saw fit to impose on Eric Lamaze. I
disagree. I was stirred up by the fact that he was banned in the first

I am outraged at the original mistake made by the centre for ethics in sport
and its subsequent harsh treatment of Lamaze. It's a disgusting, shabby and
unethical way to treat an athlete. Comparisons to Ben Johnson are
inappropriate since Lamaze has made no attempt to gain an advantage in his
sport by taking performance enhancing drugs.

I believe that the actions of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, the
Equestrian Federation and the Canadian Olympic Committee all bear
investigating and I want to see all of their members tested for drugs, too,
just to make sure that they're making their decisions with clear heads.

Why not make them live up to the standards they are paid to hold others to?

Samantha Walsh, Toronto
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