Pubdate: Sun, 24 Sep 2000
Source: Bergen Record (NJ)
Copyright: 2000 Bergen Record Corp.
Author: Peter Logerfo
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Our illustrious president is about to commit the biggest blunder of his 
blunder-plagued administration. The production of drugs in Colombia will 
never be eliminated.

There are too many questions unanswered. Who will fly the 60 helicopters: 
ex-Air Force pilots? Where will they fly to and what will they discover? 

Some years ago the drug lords, with a well-equipped army of 2,000, beat the 
Colombian federales in a pitched battle. The federales are rubbing their 
hands together gleefully awaiting the cash gift from Uncle Sam. The 60 
aircraft will be lost seeking drug makers under a vast, impenetrable canopy 
of foliage. Finally, the war will end and nothing will have been gained. 
Only the cash beneficiaries will have gained.

The only way to reduce the 85 percent of Colombian drugs used by American 
idiots, is to reduce the demand for that product. This can be done with a 
vigorous, well-planned program, well-funded with $1.3 billion.

Wait until the first American adviser is killed.

Peter Logerfo, Teaneck, Sept. 12
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