Pubdate: Sat, 23 Sep 2000
Source: Standard-Examiner (UT)
Copyright: Ogden Publishing Corporation, 2000
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Author: Thomas M. Hadley


I'm writing in response to the Aug. 13 editorial, "Initiative B deception 
must be repudiated," and Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner's Aug. 16 
commentary, "Voters warned about Initiative B's ulterior motive: Legalizing 
drugs." Both directed voters not to vote for the Initiative B referendum on 
the November ballot. The words "constitutional rights" were sadly missing 
from both commentaries.

Congressman Henry Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has 
written a book called "Forfeiting Our Property Rights -- Is Your Property 
Safe From Seizure?" He is one of the few politicians who has had the 
courage to address this important issue as it should be addressed, and that 
is from a constitutional perspective.

After listening to many of the signers of the petition, I came to the 
conclusion that the main issue at stake here in Utah and America is whether 
we, as a nation, can go on exercising our Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment 
rights to the Constitution and having those rights fully honored and 
protected by those law-enforcement agencies that are appointed to 
administer the law of the land. A concern of the signers was the 
unconstitutional measures the law-enforcement agencies were using in 
search-and-seizure methods and then dividing the loot among themselves.

Read Rep. Hyde's book before you vote against the Initiative B referendum.

Thomas M. Hadley
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