Pubdate: Sat, 23 Sep 2000
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)
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Author: Joshua B. Good


Officers Open Fire After Victim Grabbed Gun As They Burst Into Bedroom
Of Her Riverdale Home.

Fulton County police shot and killed a woman in her bed Friday morning
during a drug raid.

Lynette Gayle Jackson, 29, of Riverdale was shot after she pointed a
gun at SWAT team officers when they yelled "Police" and entered her
bedroom, said Fulton police Maj. Wenda Phifer. The officers were not
injured and police would not say if Jackson fired her gun.

Jackson's home had been broken into less than a month ago when she was

On Aug. 16, two burglars ransacked the two-story duplex at 6990-A
Brentwood Court, located near Old National Highway.

During the home invasion, Jackson escaped out a window and ran to a
neighbor's house in the Bentwood subdivision to call 911.

In response to her call police chased one burglar, but he got away.
Officers found a small amount of powder cocaine on a nightstand in
Jackson's bedroom that night and charged her and her boyfriend, Darryl
Beane, 27, with drug possession, Phifer said.

Even though police did not find enough cocaine to jail Beane and
Jackson, they began an investigation into Beane, suspecting him of
selling cocaine.

Narcotics officers and SWAT team members were aware of the Aug. 16
break-in, Phifer said. In fact, the discovery of the cocaine in
Jackson's home and follow-up investigation led to Friday's raid,
Phifer said.

Undercover police made a drug purchase at the home and obtained an
arrest warrant for Beane, Phifer said. They also got a "no-knock"
search warrant that allowed them to burst into the house, Phifer said.
She said no-knock raids are standard for drug raids to keep people
from disposing of possible evidence.

After the burglary, Jackson had the subdivision's maintenance man,
Vernon Moore, 43, install burglar bars on a back window, a
motion-sensing security light and new locks.

"I think she was scared and (when the police came Friday) she probably
thought it was another break-in," Moore said.

During Friday's raid, officers J.D. Dorsey and R.S. Jamison entered
Jackson's bedroom and shot her, Phifer said.

Jackson's boyfriend was in bed, too, and also had a gun, Phifer said.
She said Beane dropped the weapon. The two officers were reassigned to
office work while the police conduct an internal affairs

Phifer would not say if officers found any drugs in Friday's

Beane faces drug and assault charges and could be charged with being a
convicted felon in possession of a firearm, Phifer said. Jackson had
no convictions in Georgia, said Department of Corrections spokeswoman
Abigail Coggin. 
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