Pubdate: Wed, 13 Sep 2000
Source: Dayton Daily News (OH)
Author: Brian G. Farr


I found the Aug. 31 Knight Ridder News Service article "Youthful health mistakes that will come back to haunt you" quite offensive. As a youth minister, I deal with teen-agers on a regular basis, and to read such an irresponsible article geared toward young people was appalling!

A physician suggested that drinking your way through college is no big deal because "All those brain cells you supposedly destroyed? `At that age, you probably had enough' to succeed without them," and, "The biggest problems with having smoked marijuana are the law-enforcement repercussions ..." and--and this one takes the cake--"If you snorted cocaine once or twice, it's no big deal."

What? Are you kidding me? This article was offensive on so many levels, for families and youth workers who give themselves to teaching young people responsible, moral behavior.

I would like to see more articles that are responsible and moral in nature and support the majority of families that read the Dayton Daily News and strive to teach the truth about these destructive choices.

Brian G. Farr, Troy
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