Pubdate: Wed, 30 Aug 2000
Source: Colchester Evening Gazette (UK)
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Author: Don Barnard


'WARNING - today's life style can damage your health' (opening paragraph;
Healthy living could end curse of asthma Evening Gazette August 23). Does
this mean that banning the growing of the cannabis hemp is damaging our

Environmentally, cannabis hemp is a better crop to grow than Soya
(especially the way Soya is grown today).

No other plant provides complete protein or contains the essential oils
needed by our immune system and help lower blood pressure and clear arteries
of cholesterol in a perfect ratio to maintain health.

The seed can be pressed into a vegetable oil, containing only 8 per cent
saturated fats and the highest amount of natural Essential Fatty Acids
(EFA's) of any known plant: Alpha Linolenic (Omega 3) 19 per cent , Linoleic
Acid (Omega 6) 50 per cent , Gamma Linolenic Acid 1.6 per cent

Protein 22.55 per cent , Carbohydrates 35.8 per cent , and Oil 30 per cent .
Calories 503 per 100g. Dietary Fibre 35.1 per cent (3 per cent soluble).
Carotine 7.63 International units/gram. Vitamin E 30mg/g, C 14 mg/g, B1
9mg/g, B2 11mg/g, B3 25 mg/g, B6 3mg/g.

A by product is a high protein seed cake which can be processed and
flavoured and baked into bread, cakes or pies for human or animal

Knowledge changes, it develops and grows; new facts come to light, redundant
facts are disposed of and old facts are rediscovered .

"Cannabis smoke undoubtedly causes acute bronchodilation with beneficial
results in asthma attacks." (Ecologist Oct/Nov 1980).

Don Barnard Legalise Cannabis Alliance Party Braintree Essex (UK)
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