Pubdate: Sat, 19 Aug 2000
Source: New York Times (NY)
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Author: Richard Sandomir


Fox Sports Net announced yesterday that Michael Irvin, the former Dallas 
Cowboys wide receiver, will not join its "NFL This Morning" program. The 
decision was made a week after the police in North Dallas, Texas, chose not 
to charge Irvin after he and a woman were arrested in an apartment where 
authorities said they found marijuana, ecstasy pills and a substance 
resembling cocaine.

The police said they went to the apartment to serve an F.B.I. warrant on 
the tenant, who was not there. Irvin's lawyer said he was in the wrong 
place at the wrong time.

"After several lengthy conversations between Fox Sports Net and Michael 
Irvin," a statement from the cable network said, "both parties agree that 
given the events of last week, it would be imprudent for Michael to begin 
his career as an analyst on 'NFL This Morning' at this time."

Irvin was hired by F.S.N. last month immediately upon his retirement. The 
program will proceed with last week's cast: Chris Myers, Marv Levy, Jackie 
Slater and Chris Spielman.
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