Pubdate: Sat, 22 Jan 2000
Source: Daily Record and Sunday Mail (UK)
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SHAMED World Cup winner Diego Maradona yesterday showed why we're seeing
more of him these days.

The overweight Argentinian ace has checked into an exclusive health clinic
in Havana, Cuba, in a bid to shape up and cure his cocaine addiction.

The 39-year-old former star nearly died from an overdose earlier this month.

But he accepted an offer from football-loving president Fidel Castro to fly
to the island for treatment at its famous La Pradera clinic.

And the footballer, whose "Hand of God" goal dumped England out of the 1986
Mexico World Cup, has taken his wife, Claudia, his parents and his manager
along for moral support.

Already suffering hypertension and an irregular heart beat due to his drug
addiction, he's been warned that cocaine will kill him unless he stops
taking it.

His manager reported that Maradona was "happy and very relaxed" as the star
strolled around the clinic's grounds.

Back home, Argentina has launched a tough anti-drug campaign highlighting
Maradona's case.
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