Pubdate: Fri, 21 Jul 2000
Source: Newnan Times-Herald (GA)
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Author: Randall W. Duncan


As a member of Sen. Paul Coverdell's Crime and Law Enforcement Task Force
since 1995, I write during this time of mourning to acknowledge a national
leader who steadfastly insisted on a vigorous and sustained war on drugs.

A member of the Senate Narcotics and Terrorism Subcommittee, Senator
Coverdell recognized drug trafficking as a serious threat to our national
security. While he successfully protected federal funding for crucial law
enforcement operations, his work in support of a purposeful interdiction
agenda was accomplished with a low profile. The extent of his influence and
significance of his many contributions, however, were well-known and
appreciated by criminal justice professionals throughout the United States.

As a former director of a federal counterdrug law enforcement program, it
was my privilege to know and serve Senator

Coverdell, who will be fondly remembered by a grateful law enforcement

Randall W. Duncan, Newnan
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