Pubdate: Wed, 19 Jan 2000
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Ltd,2000
Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance
Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance, PO Box 198, Norwich NR2 2DE
Comment: Letter-writers should include their full name and address


I read with sympathy the letter from J Hutt "Drug addict's lives are the
real tragedy - not their deaths" - (Evening News, January 10th)

Mr Hutt's son is a "forever babe" who has a rare disease and deserves every
bit of love and care that can be bestowed upon him.

The parents deserve all the respect in the world for the hard work they do.

It is also understandable that parents like J. Hutt may sometimes feel "rage
for those who start off with everything, and give it all away", referring to
drug addicts.

But we should all have compassion for all the parents of children and
youngsters who suffer, whatever the cause.

Drug addicts are also sons and daughters of parents who suffer tremendous
pains watching their offspring suffering from the DISEASE of drug addiction,
for a disease is what it is.

Few people choose to become drug addicts or to overdose.

It is well known that drugs like heroin, cocaine and tobacco are very
addictive and dangerous, but to punish or ignore those who slip into
addiction and tragedy would be like refusing to help accident victims on the
grounds that they also knew the dangers or caused suffering to others.

Society must wake up to the fact that we are all in this world together,
like it or not, and start showing more compassion for those in need for
whatever reason.

Then maybe we can start to repair some of those tragic lives.

Alun Buffry
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