Pubdate: Mon, 10 January 2000
Source: Clarion-Ledger, The (MS)
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Author: Lou Brase, Jackson


In response to Mike Lee's Jan. 4 letter ("Ivins shows liberal fallacy;
Jesus neither liberal nor conservative"): It doesn't matter how we label
Jesus, but how he labels us.

If Jesus returned, what would he say about us and how would his preaching
and teaching be received in 21st century Mississippi?

What, for instance, would Jesus have to say about our history of stubborn
resistance to integration and our continuing hatred and contempt for
members of the black race?

What would Jesus say to those who fiercely resist any and all attempts to
save lives by regulating or prohibiting ownership of guns?

What would he say to those who protect political corruption by blocking
campaign finance reform?

What would he say to those who condemned and endlessly pursued a publically
repentant President Clinton for his involvement with Monica Lewinsky while
condoning by their silence similar acts by Republican leaders like Henry Hyde?

What would Jesus say to those who demand tax reductions for the wealthy and
oppose increases in minimum wages?

What would Jesus say about those who loudly advocate "getting tough on
crime" and "zero tolerance for drug users" without even the pretense of
trying to rehabilitate them?

I think that if Jesus returned to Earth he would denounce modern-day
conservatives with much the same language he used to denounce the
conservatives of his own day (the Scribes and Pharisees), and they would
dismiss him as just another "bleeding heart liberal."
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