Pubdate: Sat, 8 Jan, 2000
Source: Frederick News Post (MD)
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Author: Michael Barnes


To the editor:

As a longtime supporter of Republican candidates in Frederick County,
I commend Delegate David Brinkley's co-sponsorship of Donald Murphy's
medical marijuana legislation.

Far from being "political suicide"as this has been called by some of
his fellow Republicans, I see this as political assurance of his
re-election. Many government studies, as well as privately funded
studies, have shown that marijuana can alleviate many symptoms of
current treatments for a variety of illnesses, such as cancer and
AIDS. He has shown that he has the courage to stand against the myths
and propaganda that are commonly spread about the medicinal value of

Delegate Louise Snodgrass has said that she agrees with the concept
but wants to wait until she sees the wording. I challenge her to put
her vote where her beliefs are and co-sponsor this legislation, as any
wording will be an improvement over the current prohibition on
medicinal marijuana. I would also like to issue the same challenge to
the other District 3 delegates and Senator Alex Mooney.

Tai Venuti's letter to the editor is a perfect example of the myths
and propaganda that have been spread by so-called "drug warriors" who
aren't looking out for the best interest of the population, but only
looking out for their own pocketbooks.

Perhaps the most important point is that such legislation doesn't
"send a message" of approval of the use of marijuana. Laws are not
intended to "send a message." They are intended to protect and help
the population at large.

To continue to punish sick people for seeking relief, and improving
their quality of life is not the message we want to send to the young
people. Most young people are smart enough to see through the smoke
and mirrors show put on by those opposed to helping sick people.

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