Pubdate: Sun, 01 Oct 2000
Date: 10/01/2000
Source: Summit Free Press (CO)
Author: Tom Suther

Dear Summit Free Press:

After reading what your police paramilitaries did to the Breckenridge
couple who got busted for medical marijuana, I am sure dismayed by the
way people treat other people.

Isn't there a bit or shred of decency around anymore? Why do you hire
people whose only job it is to hurt other people?

Making the lady stand with hands above her head naked is purely mean
and uncalled for. Not allowing this person his medicine is inhumane.

The people of Breckenridge should be ashamed of how these people are
treated, especially since all they want to do is make a living and not
be supported by the "good" people of Colorado.

Remember you are also the home to the paramilitaries who killed the
inncocent Mr. Mena in a drug raid gone bust. Sick Sick Sick.

Cheers, and hopefully you can learn peace and kindness to other

Tom Suther,
Oronoco, Minnesota

Note: Title by MAP