Pubdate: Sun, 01 Oct 2000
Date: 10/01/2000
Source: Summit Free Press (CO)
Author: Patrick L. Lilly

Dear Summit Free Press:

There is a lot I could say about the violent arrest of Fred Hopson and
Shannon Scott, as reported in the Free Press ("Medical Marijuana
arrest of Breckenridge man," by Doug Malkan, Sept. 1). I will,
however, limit myself to the two most salient points.

First, the incredible, military-style violence used in this attack was
not a fluke or an unusual event. It is STANDARD PROCEDURE in all
police actions involving claims of "drugs." This is true nationwide,
not just in Park County. People who find this shocking, as they
should, need to realize that this is what you sign on to if you
apologize for the insane drug war against the people of America. If
you want to change it, it will do no good at all to complain about
this one incident. You must join the opposition to the drug war and
drug prohibition in general.

Second, there is one, and ONLY one, way to put a stop to this and the
other violent abuses of the drug prohibitionists: Vote

While Democrats and Republicans alike continue to prate about the
so-called "dangers" of banned drugs, they can be counted on to
continue to let the prohibition enforcers run amok in society with
their military weaponry.

ONLY Libertarians have any commitment to ending the violent madness of

Patrick L. Lilly, Occupied Cheyenne Canon, near Colorado

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