Pubdate: Sun, 22 Oct 2000
Date: 10/22/2000
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Author: Patrick Keith

Re: "No needle trading" (Editorial, Oct. 16):

I am a graduate of the College of Health and Human Services at SDSU
and a professional social worker. For 10 years or more, many health
care professionals have tried to educate policy makers and journalists
about epidemiology.

I wonder if the author of the editorial has ever sat in the sexually
transmitted disease center at our Department of Health Services at the
Rosecrans site? Has he/she ever looked into the waves of daily faces
of those San Diegans being tested? How many people must die before San
Diego wakes up?

It is my feeling that perhaps the worst thing that has ever happened
to health services in San Diego was Dr. Bob Ross. I jumped for joy and
wanted to rent a truck and trailer and a band to drive around San
Diego celebrating his departure. From opposing needle exchanges to
giving away the tobacco monies, he did not serve our county well.

Patrick Keith,
Imperial Beach