Pubdate: Fri, 04 Aug 2000
Date: 08/04/2000
Source: Chilliwack Times, The (CN BC)
Author: Norm Siefken
Re: Times Upfront (Aug 1,2000)

It is rare to find all of the prevailing myths about marijuana
concisely summarized in one article. I noticed years ago that the
so-called "facts" about marijuana's alleged dangers are the world's
largest collection of lies, half-truths, and gross exaggerations. The
truth is that marijuana is basically harmless when compared to alcohol
and cigarettes. The average alcoholic dies at age 53, but marijuana
has never killed anybody. Watching alcohol users criticize marijuana
users is a case study in hypocrisy.

Even The Lancet- a conservative medical journal-reported in 1995 that
"the use of cannabis, even long term use, is not harmful to health."
They later modified this position by adding that chronic use can
contribute to bronchitis.

Is that really so scary?

The unpopular marijuana laws are costing Canadians dearly. Cancelling
the war on pot will save $3 billion. Additionally, our party will use
the $20 billion from marijuana sales taxes to fund massive income tax
relief while restoring cuts to health and education.

A National Post poll earlier this year showed that 2/3 of Canadians
already want decriminalization. The democratic will of the people must
be respected.

Norm Siefken, Fraser Valley Candidate, Marijuana Party of