Pubdate: Fri, 04 Aug 2000
Date: 08/04/2000
Source: Evening News (UK)
Author: Alun Buffry

The Canadian Court of Appeal has recently accepted the therapeutic
value of the cannabis plant, ruling that the law banning cannabis is
unconstitutional (Evening News, August 1)

Despite many thousands of testimonials from people who find cannabis
medically beneficial, our own Government has refused to accept their
word. There have also been several not guilty verdicts returned by
juries accepting the use of cannabis as a medical necessity.

Licensed trials using natural cannabinoid extracts on people suffering
from MS and spinal injuries are expected to prove beneficial. Cannabis
has been classified as a dangerous drug with no therapeutic value, in
both the Misuse of Drugs Act and the international treaties. The law
is clearly unsound and unjust.

The present prohibition of cannabis does nothing to help or protect
people. It punishes sick and well, alike.  The people who benefit are
the illegal dealers and the pharmaceutical industries that produce
expensive synthetic alternatives.

Alun Buffry,
Legalise Cannabis Alliance,
PO Box 198 Norwich