Pubdate: Fri, 21 Jul 2000
Date: 07/21/2000
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)
Author: Lloyd Gayton

Columnist Debra Saunders ("Ending war on drugs has downside," Tuesday)
can't make up her mind. First she says that legalizing drugs would
lead to an increase in drug usage, then states that no one knows what
would happen if the United States legalized drugs.

Anyone who objectively examines the results of the illegal-drug policy
has to admit that things can't get much worse. Children are lured into
drugs by dealers after huge profits. Legalization would remove these

Authorities estimate that up to 90 percent of crime is drug-related.
Legalization would prevent this crime. Legalizing and controlling
drugs could mean that we know where they are and who is using them.
This is essential is if we are to ever reduce drug use.

Despite the government having spent billions of dollars to keep drugs
off the streets, drugs are so plentiful that prices are dropping.
These billions need to be spent educating the young and treating the

If the collective minds in this country can't come up with something
better than what we have, our society is doomed.

Lloyd Gayton,