Pubdate: Thu, 11 May 2000
Date: 05/11/2000
Source: Arlington Morning News (TX)
Author: Bob Melamede

U.S. Rep. Joe Barton's concern over the message sent to kids when
government representatives are above the law and not tested for drugs
is misplaced and hypocritical. Most members of Congress and the Senate
voted for House Resolution 3194. This new law, for the first time in
American history, overturned an American election which had legalized
the medical use of marijuana in Washington DC. Most Americans are in
favor of medical marijuana (69 percent voted in favor off proposition
59). What message is sent to kids? You should all vote, but if we
don't like the results, we will negate them.

Bob Melamede, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and
Molecular Genetics University of Vermont