Pubdate: Sat, 15 Apr 2000
Date: 04/15/2000
Source: Lansing State Journal (MI)
Author: Arthur Slabosky

Rick Rockwell of American University argued in the State Journal
(March 15) that the United States should not certify Mexico as a trade
parter because of its drug (not to include alcohol) cartels.  This
article appears appropriately next to letters about a state senator
who is charged with drunken driving for the third time.

The real cartel in this world is the liquor industry. For this
cartel, the United States wages war on tis citizens who choose
intoxication by other than the World's Official Drug of choice:
Alcohol. We have lost much of the Bill of Rights with no reduction in
harm caused by drug use.

Arthur Slabosky,
East Lansing