Pubdate: Sat, 22 Apr 2000
Date: 04/22/2000
Source: National Post (Canada)
Author: Dave Haans

Re: The Real Janey Canuck, April 15.

I read with interest Harry Bruce's excellent article on "Janey Canuck"
(otherwise known as Emily Murphy). Although I agree with the
sentiments expressed in the article, I am writing to correct one small

Canada outlawed marijuana in 1923, only a year after Emily Murphy's
The Black Candle was published, not seven years after as the article

No one seems to know why it was outlawed, and the extent of the
influence Emily Murphy's book had on resulting drug laws is unclear.
What is known, however, is that there was little reason to outlaw
marijuana, as at the time most people had never even heard of the
drug. In fact, it was nine years before anyone was charged with a
marijuana offence.

Dave Haans,