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Pubdate: Wed, 22 Dec 2004
Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
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BRITISH police can now test people they suspect of driving under the
influence of drugs with roadside tasks such as standing on one leg.

Drivers could also be checked for dilated pupils or asked to estimate
how long it takes for 30 seconds to pass, Britain's Department for
Transport said.

"Drug driving puts lives at danger and is as irresponsible as drink
driving. Drivers should never get behind the wheel when they're unfit
to drive," said Road Safety Minister David Jamieson.

The Department said it did not have any estimates on the number of
deaths caused by drugged driving but it hoped the new tests would cut
road accidents.

As for those who refused to take breath tests when suspected of drink
driving, drivers suspected of using drugs at the wheel will be
committing an offence if they refuse to take part in the new tests.

Until today, drivers had the right to refuse drug tests.

The new law covers illegal drugs but also medicines available over the
counter and on prescription if they make drivers unfit to be at the

Those caught driving under the influence of drugs face a maximum #5000
($12,600) fine and losing their licence for a year.

They can also face up to six months in prison.
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