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MAPTalk-Digest Wednesday, May 29 2013 Volume 13 : Number 018

001 RE: increase in drug-related news in May 2013
    From: "Mary Jane Borden" <>
002 Video Alert C-SPAN 1 broadcasting Marijuana Legalization tonight at 10:


Subj: 001 RE: increase in drug-related news in May 2013
From: "Mary Jane Borden" <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 07:29:54 -0700

Doug and all, 

I don't mean to sound weird, but these spikes may have everything to do with
the Ohio Cannabis Right Amendment. For example, the 5/17 spike occurred the
day that our ballot measure was certified by the Ohio Attorney General for
statewide circulation. Our Facebook page went nuts that day. This week,
we're leading up to an Ohio Ballot Board hearing today, which will formally
launch our campaign. Is there any way these data can measure the Ohio
impact? As proven again in last fall's election, so goes Ohio so goes the

You can read the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment at the link below. Focusing
on affirmative rights and the establishment of a Commission, it is different
than any of initiatives that have been fielded before. 


Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment

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> Subject: MAP: increase in drug-related news in May 2013
> I'm seeing something peculiar with drug-related articles in the
> mainstream media.
> The first week in May, there seems to be a huge increase in drug-related
> news. You can see it here (now May 19), at the bottom of this link, the
> last chart there ("drug war propaganda themes - last month by day"):
> Since the Colorado and Washington State legalization measures passed last
> November, I had noticed there seemed to be a large drop-off in the volume
> of drug-related articles.  Now, the volume (in mainstream media and local
> papers) of drug-related articles seems to be returning to previous
> levels.
>  I think most of the difference is driven by centralized, mainstream
> "wire" services: AP mostly, and to some extent Reuters.
> If I didn't know better, I would assume that the November state
> legalization knocked the wind out of prohibitionist sails. But now, six
> months later, they have regrouped and re-strategized, and are re-
> energized and refreshed (with more taxpayer money I mean). The ONDCP has
> announced a "new" policy (read: same old police, prison, jail). So AP,
> Reuters and the rest of the Mockingbird MSM shall dutifully press ahead
> for the last quarter FY2013 (with the same old propaganda looks like).
> All in hopes that this same old sheep-dressed lupine canine of
> Prohibition will hunt, one more time. And that's what we're seeing with
> the restoration of drug-related traffic in the MSM, back to previous
> propaganda catapult volumes.  That's my guess.  I wonder if others are
> seeing anything like this too?
> Doug


Subj: 002 Video Alert C-SPAN 1 broadcasting Marijuana Legalization tonight at 10:00 EST.]
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 18:34:47 -0700

From another list.

C-SPAN 1 is broadcasting a discussion on Marijuana Legalization hosted
by Brookings
tonight at 10:00 EST.

Description : Colorado & Washington voters passed ballot measures
in November legalizing the possession and sale of small quantities of
marijuana for recreational use. A Brookings Institution discussion looks at
the domestic and foreign policy implications.


End of MAPTalk-Digest V13 #18

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